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Krista Franklin at the Johnson Publishing Archive. Photo by Ryan Edmund.

In an effort to elevate the stories of Chicago’s lesser-known artists, designers, and creators from the past to the present moment, Art Design Chicago partnered with the Chicago-based arts and culture initiative, Sixty Inches from Center. Through this editorial partnership, Sixty produced a series of essays and interviews, in conjunction with Art Design Chicago exhibitions and programs, exploring the major themes of the initiative.

Sixty Inches from Center is a non-profit online arts publication and archiving initiative that supports and promotes art and writing outside of mainstream historical narratives. To read each of the articles produced in collaboration with Art Design Chicago, visit the links below. 

May 15, 2018: “Inside Gertrude Abercrombie’s Mind—and Work” by Samantha Comerford

May 31, 2018: “Searching for Our Ancestors: Mexican Artists at Arte Diseño Xicágo by Jennifer Patiño Cervantes

September 5, 2018: “Locating Your Practice in A Johnson Publishing Story, with Samantha Hill and Krista Franklin” by Noor Shawaf

September 13, 2018: “Who Are Your Teachers?: After Richard Hunt at the Koehnline Museum of Art” by Tempestt Hazel

September 29, 2018: “City Visions: Urban Space, Daily Life, and the Camera” by Greg Ruffing

October 1, 2018: “Arts on the Move at Romi Crawford’s Mobile Curricula” interview by Reuben Westmaas

October 2, 2018: “The Virtual Asian American Art Museum: A Conversation with Laura Kina” by Jennifer Patiño Cervantes

October 8, 2018: “Locating Your Practice in Chicago Disability Activism, Arts, and Design, with Bri Beck” by Courtney Graham

November 16, 2018: “Art Against the Flow and a Semantic Ecotone” by Emily Breidenbach

December 1, 2018: “The Artist as a Catalyst for Social Change?,” a 3-part series by Greg Ruffing

December 4, 2018: “Reflections on Pictures from an Exposition at the Newberry Library” by S. Nicole Lane

December 18, 2018: “The Vessels that Marva Made: An Interview with Members of Sapphire & Crystals” by Tempestt Hazel

January 3, 2019: “Locating Your Practice in African American Designers in Chicago: Art, Commerce and the Politics of Race, with D. Denenge Duyst-Akpem” by Noor Shawaf

January 20, 2019: “Locating Your Practice in Todros Geller: Strange Worlds with Curator Susan Weininger” by Christina Nafziger

For a look at the comics, podcasts, and videos produced by Sixty Inches from Center in collaboration with Art Design Chicago, visit the Sixty Inches from Center Media Archive.