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September 29–December 30, 2018

Jan Tichy, Artes in Horto, 2018. Photo by Jon Shaft.

Projecting across more than 2½ acres of theMART’s exterior river-facing façade, this first-ever large-scale digital art projection extends Chicago’s tradition of innovation in public art.

The installation features a curated series of digital artworks by contemporary artists and designers. As part of the Terra Foundation’s year-long initiative Art Design Chicago, the first iteration of Art on theMART focuses on the unique art and design history and legacy that is deeply rooted in the city of Chicago.

Jason Salavon’s Homage in Between (Chicago Art, 20th Century) speaks to Chicago’s grand art and design histories as fluid streams of smaller events. Image archives will be used to create poetic complexes of flowing visual history. Dense, organic matrices of images flow over the surface of theMART. Reproductions of paintings and illustrations by artists with Chicago ties, alongside photographs and other visual ephemera, serve as source particulate in an evocative visual symphony of forms.

Also commissioned by the Terra Foundation, Jan Tichy’s Artes in Horto – Seven Gardens for Chicago considers the work of seven local, historically consecutive artists who felt nature to be a significant influence on their practice. The natural elements from their artworks, animated and mapped on theMART’s facade, grow into projected gardens of local art. For more information about the included artists and works, visit the Artes in Horto website.

Additional works inaugurating the installation include pioneering new media artist Diana Thater presenting a program of digital artworks, entitled True Life Adventures, and international artist Zheng Chongbin's Chimeric Landscape.

The project launches on Saturday, September 29, 2018, beginning at 6:30pm with a large-scale public unveiling event. The opening installation includes four contemporary, digital artworks using 34 projectors to illuminate the river façade of theMART. The opening celebration includes a live DJ performance, a Lantern Procession, and a pyrotechnic display.

On evenings following the launch, the four inaugural artworks are displayed in rotation through December 31, 2018.

Art on theMART is presented by theMART and the City of Chicago. The launch aligns with Art Design Chicago, EXPO CHICAGO, and EXPO ART WEEK, which highlights the vast cultural opportunities that Chicago offers to collectors, dealers, art enthusiasts, and visitors.