The Chicago Imagists

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The Chicago Imagists.
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This illustrated catalogue serves as introduction to the work of the Chicago Imagists, celebrating the grotesque surrealism, cartoon energy, and vivid color of the group of innovative 1960s artists who thoroughly rejected art-world terms. These artists are Roger Brown, Sarah Canright, Jim Falconer, Ed Flood, Art Green, Phil Hanson, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Ed Paschke, Christina Ramberg, Suellen Rocca, Barbara Rossi, Karl Wirsum, and Ray Yoshida. Together this group made art that included painting, drawing, sculpture, prints, comics, and zines.

This catalogue is published by Hayward Gallery Publishing in conjunction with the exhibition How Chicago! Imagists 1960s & 70s. With approximately 100 illustrations, the book features an introductory essay by the exhibition’s curators Rosie Cooper and Sarah McCrory, an original essay by art historian and curator Lynne Warren on the importance of the art scene in Chicago, and individual texts on each artist.