The Making of: "The Many Hats of Ralph Arnold: Art, Identity and Politics"

Art Design Chicago’s more than 50 partners are hard at work developing over 25 exhibitions and hundreds of public programs to offer Chicagoans and visitors starting this fall and throughout next year. Here’s a look behind the scenes at one: The Many Hats of Ralph Arnold: Art, Identity and Politics at the Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP) at Columbia College Chicago.



In these photos, MoCP Deputy Director and Chief Curator Karen Irvine, guest curator Greg Foster-Rice and Curatorial Fellow for Diversity in the Arts Sheridan Tucker examine pieces from the Ralph Arnold collection at the Pauls Foundation for their exhibition.



“We have discovered many pieces previously thought lost or under-exhibited since the 1960s and ‘70s and the collection and archives continue to reveal the depth of Arnold's significance during the 1960s and ‘70s.”
– Greg Foster-Rice, Guest Curator, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College Chicago.



This exhibition, accompanying catalog, college-student curriculum, and public programming highlighting the photo-collage art of Chicagoan Ralph Arnold and its relationship to issues of race, gender, sexuality and mass media will be available at the Museum of Contemporary Photography October 11–December 21, 2018. To read more, view the program page below.


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