Introducing Editorial Partnership with Sixty Inches from Center

Sixty Inches from Center's editorial team at work.

Art Design Chicago strives to elevate the stories of Chicago’s lesser-known artists, designers, and creators, past and present. This mission dovetails with that of another Chicago-based arts and culture initiative, Sixty Inches from Center.

Art Design Chicago is proud to announce a new editorial partnership with Sixty in an effort to draw connections between the histories explored through Art Design Chicago and the present day. Throughout 2018, Sixty will produce essays, interviews, videos, podcasts, and more in conjunction with Art Design Chicago exhibitions and programs. Additional collaborators include notable comic artists, podcasters, and video producers including Ladydrawers, Postloudness, and On the Real Film.

Sixty Inches from Center is a non-profit online arts publication and archiving initiative that supports and promotes art and writing outside of mainstream historical narratives.

Read Sixty’s first article from this partnership, “Searching for Our Ancestors: Mexican Artists at Arte Diseño Xicágo,” available on their website now.



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