WDCB Radio Hosts Roundtable on Art Design Chicago

What are the connections between the artists and exhibitions showcased in Art Design Chicago programs? How has the initiative allowed participating institutions to showcase work that may not have otherwise been seen?

Gary Zidek, host of the WDCB radio program The Arts Section, recently sat down for a lively discussion with three of the key people involved in Art Design Chicago exhibitions.

In the interview, Debra Kerr, executive director of Intuit: The Center For Intuitive and Outsider Art, Lynne Warren, curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and Cesareo Moreno, director of Visual Arts and Chief Curator at the National Museum of Mexican Art, discuss the origins of the initiative and their own involvement, and share a few stories about the artists and distinctive genres behind the Art Design Chicago exhibitions now on display.

“Outsider art is created by artists who are typically outside the mainstream, self-taught...many times these are artists who don’t even consider their work to be art.”       –Debra Kerr, executive director of Intuit: The Center For Intuitive and Outsider Art

Listen in on WDCB’s website.


L to R: Lynne Warren, Debra Kerr, and Cesareo Moreno

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