• November 1, 2018–February 15, 2019

Where the Future Came From

Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College Chicago

1104 South Wabash Avenue, 1st Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60605

Where the Future Came From Watermark designed by Lauren van Renken with Gianella Goan and Ashley King

Self-propelled, artist-run spaces have been the lifeblood of Chicago’s contemporary art scene. In fact, many nationally and internationally recognized artists cut their teeth in such spaces. Serving as an open participatory research lab, Where the Future Came From focuses on the role of feminist artist-run activities in Chicago from the late 19th century to the present. 

Chicago’s deep history of artist-run spaces often lives in the memories of the people who ran and experienced it. These projects often exist as footnotes on a cv, exhibition history, or small publication attached to any given artist’s career. This creates an anti-hierarchical platform which is reflected in Where the Future Came From by employing artists, viewers, and art historians as experts.

The exhibition is complemented by a symposium and a series of programs, all of which are documented through a publication. Where the Future Came From is organized and curated by Meg Duguid, Director of Exhibitions for Columbia College Chicago’s Department of Exhibitions, Performance, and Student Spaces.